Your First Visit

Considering a visit?  We would be delighted to welcome you!  We've put together this page to give you an idea of what that experience might be like.

Who? Well, pretty much anyone! Young or old, woman or man, single or married, dark-skinned or light, experienced in faith or exploring faith, ... we want to get to know you and give you a chance to know us.  Do you have a past?  So does each of us.  But by God's grace we have been given a present and a future.  If your heart resonates with serving, loving, and growing together on a journey that is rooted in faith and centered in Christ, then perhaps you should come and visit.

When? People often find it most comfortable to visit for the first time at our Sunday morning worship service.  We start at 10 am with a greeting, music, Scripture, and prayer.   We recommend arriving ten minutes early--so that you can be relaxed and get your bearings--but if you are running a few minutes late, just take a deep breath and come on in.  We're pretty informal that way.

Where? Our worship space (sanctuary) is located on the main level, a half flight of stairs above ground level.  So, if you enter on either side, go up a few steps and through the double doors into our lobby area, which leads directly to our worship space.  If you enter from the back, you are already on the main level.  Just go straight down the hall. Wherever you enter, we aim to have greeters in the lobby to welcome and assist you.

Note: Our most accessible entrance is on the lower side of our building--the southeast side toward Harleysville (facing the cemetery).  We have designated handicapped parking spaces close to the main entrance.  We also have a lift just inside the door for friends and guests for whom steps may be difficult.

What next?  See Connecting.