Next Steps

Wherever you are in your faith journey or your interest in faith community, we can help you identify and navigate your next steps. Browse this page, then learn more about the steps that speak to you.


Your First Visit

Considering a visit?  We would be delighted to welcome you.  We've put together this page to give you an idea of what that experience might be like...

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So, you've made your first visit, and you would like to know more.  You want to get a feel for the people who are at the heart of this faith community.

Here are some suggestions for connecting more deeply at Indian Creek...

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Getting Involved

Next, it may be time for you to try out a class, special event, or service opportunity that interests you. Each week our Connections news page includes current and upcoming events in the life of our church family...

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Growing is central to a life of faith and to our journey of following Jesus.  Together and individually, we are seeking to grow deeper in our faith and wider in our witness.  Take a look at our "Journey of a Lifetime" discipleship pathway (roadmap), as well as the various opportunities to enhance your spiritual growth...

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Sharing Your Gifts

Involvement in any organization deepens when you begin to look for ways to participate by sharing your gifts.  

Opportunities to share your gifts at Indian Creek... 

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Serving Others

We do not exist as a church simply to maintain an organization.  Our hope for all who connect with our church family is that they find a meaningful way to serve others...

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Putting Down Roots

There is a shift in our culture away from long term commitments and toward keeping options open.  Here at Indian Creek, we recognize in the New Testament a call to commit ourselves to follow Jesus Christ--for life.  God has also called us into relationship with other followers... 

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