So, you've made your first visit, and you would like to know more.  You are exploring the possibility that this might actually be a good fit. You can envision yourself getting involved here, growing here, and sharing the journey for what could be a new chapter in your life's story.  But you have a few questions.  You want to get a feel for the people who are at the heart of this faith community.

Here are some suggestions for connecting more deeply at Indian Creek, or most any church you are exploring.

1. Come early and stay late.  Investing an extra half hour on occasion (10 minutes before worship and 20 minutes after) can really assist in getting to know people. 

2. Consider initiating a conversation.  If you give us the chance, some of us will see you, make a beeline to you and introduce ourselves.  But not everyone does that comfortably.  Some of the greatest treasures within our church family are people who may be on the quieter side.  Don't hesistate to turn to someone after worship, introduce yourself, tell them you are visiting, and ask them a few questions.  Perhaps something like "How long have you been worshiping at Indian Creek?" and "What do you appreciate most about this church?"

3. Arrange a visit with the pastor.  Pastor Mark is always eager to sit down with new friends, to help them get to know our church, and to help discern how we might play a role in each other's spiritual journey.