We would love for you to join us for worship in person each week.

However, it is equally important to us to provide a way for us to stay connected whenever you are sick or traveling or otherwise unable to be with us.  

Our worship service is streamed live each Sunday at 10:00 A.M. on FaceBook LIVE.  Click on this link:

Most recent Sunday service...

We do not know why Facebook sent this message.  We are licensed through
CCLI to use and display lyrics and to stream the songs we used in this worship service.
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"Connecting with Others through Fellowship" ("Journey of a Lifetime," pt 5)
- Sunday Worship Service, September 18, 2022


Other recent Sunday services...

"Connecting with Others through Hospitality" ("Journey of a Lifetime," pt 4)
- Sunday Worship Service, September 11, 2022
"Knowing God through Prayer" ("Journey of a Lifetime," pt 3)
- Sunday Worship Service, September 4, 2022
"Knowing God through Learning" ("Journey of a Lifetime," pt 2)
- Sunday Worship Service, August 28, 2022
"Knowing God through Worship" ("Journey of a Lifetime," pt 1)
- Sunday Worship Service, August 21, 2022