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“If your life depended on a list, you would understand completely why we ask you to sign up to be an organ donor.”  Shelby Winder

If you would like assistance with your donor registration or deciding to be a donor, please call the church office and ask for someone on the Organ Donor Awareness Team to call you.  215-256-9330


Step ONE

Make sure the organ donor designation is on your drivers license or state issued ID.  If it is not, register online.

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Step TWO

Get on the National Donor Registry.  When you register, you can print your "Document of Gift" the perfect personal record for sharing with your family and medical team.

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step three

Tell your family and spiritial advisor about your wishes.  Doing so will ensure your wishes are followed.  It could also releave them from having to make a decision without your guidance.


Please consider our friend and inspiration, Shelby.  Shelby needs a kidney and has been on the waiting list for over two years - you could be the person she needs.  

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