Nigeria - This is the online donation form for the Nigeria Crisis Fund.


Hundreds of Christians in Nigeria have been abducted, thousands  killed, hundreds of thousands forced from their homes!  Many are  Brethren.  


We encourage you to regularly visit the Brethren Nigeria Crisis Response webpages and blog and share these links with others. - The main Nigeria Crisis webpage has information on the crisis itself, volunteer opportunities, the response plan, resources, videos, and a link to donate online. - The Nigeria Crisis Blog has the most up-to-date stories and reports from people who are serving in-country.  Daily devotions written by EYN pastors and members are posted on Wednesdays for the following week.  It's easy to subscribe to the Nigeria blogs if you want to get email notifications - just click the link, enter your email in the left hand column, click the Nigeria box, and the hit the subscribe button. - Show and share this rhythmic music video of "The EYN Song" by the Bittersweet Gospel Band.  Music by Rev. Scott Duffey and footage by David Sollenberger.