We would love for you to join us for worship in person each week.

However, it is even more important to us to provide a way for us to stay connected whenever you are sick or traveling or otherwise unable to be with us.  

Our worship service is streamed live each Sunday at 10:00 A.M. on FaceBook LIVE.  Click on this link:


Most recent Sunday service...

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"Journey of a Lifetime, pt. 5 (Connecting with Others through Fellowship)"
Sunday Worship Service - September 18, 2022

Last week's service...
"Journey of a Lifetime, pt. 4 (Connecting with Others through Hospitality)"
Sunday Worship Service - September 11, 2022
Other recent services...
"Journey of a Lifetime, pt. 3 (Knowing God through Prayer)"
Sunday Worship Service - September 4, 2022
"Journey of a Lifetime, pt. 2 (Knowing God through Learning)"
Sunday Worship Service - August 28, 2022

"Journey of a Lifetime, pt. 1 (Knowing God through Worship)"
Sunday Worship Service - August 21, 2022

This service included music from our recent Vacation Bible School.  We purchased permission to stream this music, but FaceBook doesn't know that, so we could not copy the video here as we normally do.  Please use this link to go to the video on our church FaceBook page.

"Make Waves" 2022 VBS Celebration
Sunday Worship Service - August 14, 2022
"What are these among so many?" (John 6:1-13)  
Sunday Worship Service - August 7, 2022

"Foundational" (Colossians 2:5-7) - Sharing from National Youth Conf.
Sunday Worship Service - July 31, 2022

"WHAT'S THE DIFFERENCE: Not an Afterthought
(Romans 15:7-13)  
Sunday Worship Service - July 24, 2022


"WHAT'S THE DIFFERENCE: A Different Perspective on Acceptance
(Romans 15:1-7)  
Sunday Worship Service - July 17, 2022

"Whose Side Are You On?" (Isaiah 40) - Message by Dave Whetstone
Sunday Worship Service - July 10, 2022

"WHAT'S THE DIFFERENCE: A Different Perspective Rights and Wrongs
(Romans 14:12-23)  
Sunday Worship Service - July 3, 2022

"Room for Everyone" (Luke 15:1-3, 11b-32) - Message by Clay Moyer
Sunday Worship Service - June 26, 2022

"WHAT'S THE DIFFERENCE: A Different Perspective on Having
Different Perspectives" (Romans 14:1-12)  
Sunday Worship Service - June 19, 2022

"WHAT'S THE DIFFERENCE: A Different Perspective on Submission,
Taxes, Respect, and Other Obligations" (Romans 13)
Sunday Worship Service - June 12, 2022

"WHAT'S THE DIFFERENCE: A Different Perspective on Responding to Evil"
(Romans 12:17-21) Sunday Worship Service - June 5, 2022

"WHAT'S THE DIFFERENCE: A Different Perspective on Faithful Living"
(Romans 12:9-16) Sunday Worship Service - May 29, 2022

"WHAT'S THE DIFFERENCE: A Different Perspective on Ourself and Others"
(Romans 12:3-8) Sunday Worship Service - May 22, 2022

"WHAT'S THE DIFFERENCE: A Different Perspective on Worship"
(Romans 12:1-2) Sunday Worship Service - May 15, 2022

"God's Thoughts on Mothers and Others" (Mother's Day)
Sunday Worship Service - May 8, 2022

"Foundational" (National Youth Sunday)
Sunday Worship Service - May 1, 2022

"Loving Well" 
Sunday Worship Service - April 24, 2022

"Who Will Move the Stone?" 
Easter Worship Service - April 17, 2022