About Organ Donor Awareness

Mission Statement: The Indian Creek Church of the Brethren Organ Donor Awareness program is a Christ inspired effort.  With Jesus Christ's guidance we will raise awareness related to organ donation throughout our community.  Through these efforts more donors will come forward resulting in saved lives and improved quality of life for persons known and unknown to us.

Our Charge:  The Organ Donor Awareness Team (ODA) is charged with setting up a program to raise the level of awareness related to organ donation in our area, loosely defined as the Souderton Area School District.  Our mission is not to get you to donate an organ but rather to make you aware of the many advances in organ donation, both living and post mortem.  Organ donation is a very personal choice and it is not for us to "talk you into donating".  We feel that by equipping you with the facts about organ donation you will be better equipped to make a personal decision and to share this information among your sphere of influence.  The more people we / you "touch" with the ODA message, the better the chances of finding donors.

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